so i’m not too excited about the state of the basil i grew from seed…it is super dinky. and with the disappointment of the strawberries, i decided to supplement my basil. i bought the “live basil” from price chopper’s produce section for $4, cut the two plants into six and stuck ’em in right next to my itsy bitsy basil.

i know my basil will keep growing and will eventually be eaten, but it’s nice to have some instant gratification.

also the tomatoes are coming along…

and, again because of the plight of the strawberries, i have covered them with “bird netting” – hopefully it will keep the squirrels and chipmunks the eff away. yeah. i said it. sort of.

here’s the current state of the garden…

i will probably plant spinach and lettuce in their original squares when it gets cooler. and once those tomatoes take off, get ready to partake in their juicy goodness!

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2 Responses to supplementing

  1. donna says:

    You’re doing such a great job, Jenny! I admire you’re persistence and diligence. … And you’re crop!!

  2. You are amazing! Maybe someday I will grow one thing without killing it…and I will give you all the credit! I admire you more than Donna does. 🙂

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